Realtor's Guide to Latrobe Real Estate

One might ask how a quaint, delightful small town like Latrobe, Pennsylvania could produce to two American icons? Admittedly, the odds are slim, but it’s true. Latrobe is the birthplace of both golfing legend, Arnold Palmer and Fred Rodgers, known to tens of millions of children as the proprietor of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Arnold and Fred were not just famous, they typify the essence of Latrobe.

While these two gentlemen might be the pride and joy of Latrobe, it is also proud to claim the Latrobe Brewery, the original brewers of Rolling Rock beer. And not to mention that it was the home of the first banana split.

Come August, you’ll need to watch your step. Who knows, you might just bump into some of your favorite professional football players…..that is if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, as Latrobe is the site of the six-time Super Bowl champions training camp. Your kids are gonna love this!

So much for local trivia. Let’s talk about Latrobe as a place to live; whether it be with a growing family or simply to enjoy retirement.

Latrobe is small town America…..and proud of it!

Its population is just over 8,000, and interestingly enough there are almost an equal number of children under the age of 18 as there are seniors over 65. The median age is a very robust 42 years. It maybe small town, but it is not Sleepy Hollow!

If you have children, you are going to love the Latrobe school district, grades K though 12. Your children will have an educational experience like the one you remember – great teachers, healthy activities, and a commitment to preparing its students to becoming productive members of society.

As with many small towns, Latrobe is a safe place. While today’s major metropolitan areas have staggering crime rates, Latrobe has one of the lowest crime rates in the state. Even as low as it is, the cities crime rate has gone down consistently over for the last ten years.

Small town America is a wonderful place to live, but sometimes you might just want to check out what’s going on in the surrounding areas. You are within an hour’s drive of the thriving metropolis of Pittsburgh and just next door to Greensburg, a major cultural center of Western Pennsylvania. There is never a shortage of art exhibits to visit; concerts to attend and performances to take it.