Moving To Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania Guide

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Whether you’ve been drawn to this guide because you are considering a move to the area or are just curious about all Hempfield Township has to offer, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview. 

Hempfield Township is located within one of the busiest and fastest growing townships in western Pennsylvania and set just 33 miles from the thriving city of Pittsburgh.

Hempfield consists of 7 boroughs that make up the entire township; Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, South Greensburg, Youngwood, New Stanton, Arona and Adamsburg.

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Where is Hempfield Township?

Hempfield map

Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania is located in Westmoreland County and is the largest suburb in the Pittsburgh Metro Area.

Hempfield Township is considered part of the Laurel Highlands and is located in the ecoregion of the Western Allegheny Plateau.

Set among some major cities in the north eastern section of the United States, travellers have access to cities such as Boston, New York, Detroit and Cleveland, all within drivable distances.

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General Overview:

The Township has a number of great amenities, restaurants, and entertainment options. The strong economy and projected job growth are also high on the list of why Hempfield Township is a desirable location.

Why do people move to Hempfield Township?

Many of the boroughs that make up Hempfield Township offer its residents a small town lifestyle while thoroughly enjoying quick commutes and access to big cities. Individually and collectively, the seven boroughs each provide a community atmosphere all while being centrally located to major business districts and active downtown cores.

What are Hempfield Townships origins?

  Hempfield history

The first settlers in Hempfield Township were Germans from the southeast sections of Pennsylvania.

The name Hempfield was taken from neighboring Hempfield in Lancaster County, which was named for the large production of hemp in the area.

In the early days, Hempfield Township was known for the stills and distilleries where farmers refined the substantial grain output of the area as it was mainly agricultural.

Hempfield Township was one of the original 6 townships created as part of Bedford County in 1771. Later, in 1773 Hempfield Township became part of Westmoreland County, which remains today.

As the oldest local municipality in Western Pennsylvania, Hempfield Township is rich in history.

The area continued to develop over the decades, and as major cities such as Pittsburgh grew, so did the bordering suburbs and townships.

Could Hempfield Township be the next place for you to call home? Keep reading to find out more of the great qualities of Hempfield Township, PA!

Business & Jobs:

Hempfield businesses

Hempfield Township is a major economic player in Westmoreland County with numerous industrial parks and facilities. The area is home to a number of businesses and companies that employ many residents of the township.

For example, Greensburg, one of the Hempfield Township boroughs, sees the city’s population doubles during the working hours and it ranks 7th in daytime growth.

Where can you expect to find work in Hempfield Township?

Jobs in Hempfield Township encompass a number of different industries, with the majority of employment being in the Healthcare and Social Services sectors. Approximately 17% of the workforce is employed in this industry.

Other larger sectors include manufacturing at 13.3%, retail trade at 13.1%, educational services at 7.9% and accommodations and food services at 7.9%.

Hempfield Township is home to over 15,000 businesses and the projected economic growth over the next 10 years is predicted at 23.5% according to

Looking for work and opportunities in Hempfield Township? Check out the wide range of job postings and ads online to find the best fit for you!

What can you expect to be paid?

The average income of an employee in Hempfield Township is $33,746. This number greatly depends on factors such as job, level of education and experience.

The median income per family in Hempfield Township is $83,283, which is significantly above the national average of $70,850.


Hempfield schools

Hempfield Townships values education and the foundation it lays for all students. Filled with well rated schools and educational institutions, Hempfield places a heavy emphasis on developing each student's gifts and talents.

What schools are in Hempfield Township?

The Hempfield Area School District oversees public schools within the Township. The district is the largest school district in both Westmoreland County and Western Pennsylvania.

There are a number of schools within each of the boroughs that service the roughly 6,600 students each year.

Some of the Elementary Schools in Hempfield Townships include:

Fort Allen Elementary School - Central Hempfield Township
Stanwood Elementary School - New Stanton
West Hempfield Elementary School - Irwin
West Point Elementary School - Eastern Hempfield Township
Some of the Middle Schools in Hempfield Township Include:

Harrold Middle School - Central Hempfield Township
Wendover Middle School - Eastern Hempfield Township
West Hempfield Middle School - Irwin
High School in Hempfield Township:

Hempfield Area High School - Central Hempfield Township
Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, and South Greensburg, three of the boroughs in Hempfield Townships, are governed by the Greensburg Salem School District and service students from these areas.

Schools in Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg and South Greensburg include:

Amos K. Hutchinson Elementary School
James H. Metzgar Elementary School
Robert F. Nicely Elementary School
Greensburg-Salem Middle School
Greensburg-Salem Highschool
Alternative education options:

Many families with religious affiliations choose alternative education options for their children. In Hempfield Township, specifically Greensburg, there are a few options to choose from. 

The private schools in Hempfield Township are:

Aquinas Academy
Westmoreland Christian Academy 
Hempfield Township Central Catholic Highschool 
Post-Secondary educational institutions:

When continuing one's education after High School, there are a number of options for post-secondary institutes that are directly within and surrounding Hempfield Township. 

Senton University, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and Westmoreland County Community College are just a few of the choices and all offer a wide range of courses and programs to consider.

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Where to live:

Hempfield homes

When considering a move to Hempfield Township, buyers will have a wide range of options in housing style, price and area. Any one of the 7 boroughs that make up Hempfield Township offer family friendly neighborhoods that suit all budgets.

What are the best areas in Hempfield Township?

Park Lane - Greensburg

As a newer subdivision in Greensburg, Park Lane was developed in 2005 and offers modern and spacious homes. Located near Seton Hill University and Route 130, the efficient homes are located along quiet and safe streets.


The borough of Youngwood consists of approximately 2,900 residents. The tight knit community enjoys extremely affordable real estate, walkability to many amenities such as grocery stores and the library, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Homes for sale in Youngwood, Pennsylvania typically are 2 storey properties and are nestled among safe streets, making it an ideal location for families to retirees. 

Stanton Heights - New Stanton

Stanton Heights is a well established and well maintained neighborhood in New Stanton. The homes are set on comfortable sized lots and are generally 2 storey properties with attached garages.

A family friendly area, Stanton Heights boasts safe streets, affordable real estate and spacious living.

Public Transportation:

Hempfield transportation

Westmoreland Transit is the transit system that services the boroughs of Hempfield Township and Westmoreland County.

There are numerous bus routes throughout the city that run 7 days a week.

Alternate means of transportation:

For alternative transportation options, services such as the Greyhound Bus Lines offer routes surrounding Hempfield Township. For further destinations such as Pittsuburgh, New York and Detroit, there are lines that run to these locations.

If travelling by air, the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport are both located in nearby Latrobe.

From Greensburg, the Amtrak stations offer a variety of routes for travellers to choose from.

Restaurants & Dining:

Hempfield restaurants

Hempfield Township is full of choices when it comes to culinary options. Each of the 7 boroughs have restaurants to choose from that are sure to please any palate.

Some of the top rated restaurants in Hempfield Township:

J. Corks
Located within a historic building in downtown Greensburg, J. Corks offers diners a wide range of menu options along with an extensive drink list. Enjoy a warm summer night on their cozy patio catching up with family and friends.

The Red Brick Restaurant and Lounge
Enjoy this family friendly Italian Restaurant which serves up a mixture of authentic Italian dishes and American cuisine. Whether lunch, dinner or late night, The Red Brick Restaurant and Lounge will ensure all patrons are satisfied before they leave.

Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill
Smokehouse and Barbeque are Smokey Bones signature dishes. Paired with one of their many brews on tap, Smokey Bones is a great location to hang out and watch a game or just enjoy the atmosphere.

What to do in Hempfield Township:

Things to do in Hempfield

There are a wide array of events that happen throughout Hempfield Township at any given time during the year. Family friendly music festivals to the Westmoreland Fair, there is always something to do. 

Some events that happen in Hempfield Township:

Westmoreland Fair - held annually, the Westmoreland Fair has something for everyone. From demolition derbys to exhibits, rodeos to the wing & rib fest, there is no shortage of things to see and do. 
Westmoreland Food Truck Festival - This annual festival will have foodies from all over coming to taste the many varieties of food trucks that participate. Along with delicious eats there is live music, family activities and tasty beverages. 
Egg-stravaganza - Held at Swede Hill Park, children can come and hunt for easter eggs, enjoy crafts and activities and even meet the Easter Bunny. 
Hempfield Township Concerts in the Park - Held biweekly on Saturdays, Hempfield Township hosts summer night concerts for their residents to enjoy. Grab a blanket and head over to Hempfield Park to enjoy some free entertainment. 
Is there art & culture in Hempfield Township?

There are a number of opportunities for the residents of Hempfield Township to immerse themselves in art and culture.

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art is located in Greensburg and focuses on American Art, particularly that of Western Pennsylvania. Life long art lover, Mary Wood, bequeathed her estate to the opening of the Woods Marchand Foundation in 1959, from which the museum was founded. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art is enthusiastic about nation and local talent combined.


Also located in the City of Greensburg is the Palace Theater which originally began under the name Manos Theater in the mid 1920’s. The Palace Theater has been a staple in the local cultural scene and seats 1300 guests. The theater acts as a venue for local acts as well as national talent. Well known groups such as Blue Oyster Cult or STOMP have played at the Palace.

Every December, the Westmoreland County Symphony, which calls the Palace Theater home, in conjunction with Laurel Ballet put on three showings of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, which has become an annual highlight for residents of Hempfield Township.

Parks & Recreation in Hempfield Township:

Enjoying the great outdoors is a past time that many in Hempfield Township enjoy. With no shortage of greenspace, parks, recreation facilities and trails it is easy to do. Each borough is filled with neighborhood and community parks that offer playgrounds, splash pads, open areas and sporting fields. Outside of the cities and boroughs that make up Hempfield, the township manages over 132 acres of park land.

Some notable parks and trails in Hempfield Township:

Hempfield Park is a 95 acre area that is filled with things to do for both young and old. Pavilions, walking trails, baseball diamonds, multi use athletic fields, tennis court, amphitheater and playgrounds are just some of the features of the park. Hempfield Park is also a main location for a number of  community events hosted each year.

Greensburg is home to Thomas Lynch Field Complex which offers a ton of great amenities such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds, picnic areas, play equipment and a community pool complete with waterslide.

The Five Star Trail is a large, winding trail that spans 5 municipalities throughout Westmoreland County. The trail offers scenic walking, hiking and jogging trails and is handicap accessible. All seasons are stunning through the Five Star Trail whether watching plants come to life in spring or the leaves changing colors in the fall, you’ll want to visit time and time again.