Easy Spring Décor Ideas for Western Pennsylvania

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Here in Western Pennsylvania, it might be a few more weeks until we see the first daffodils bloom. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t start changing up our drab winter décor into something bright and cheery for spring—especially if you’re thinking of selling your home soon.

Spring décor doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Find out how to keep it fresh, fun, easy.

Super Bright Flowers

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, but let’s brighten them up even more. Head to the second-hand store and pick up an array of clear bud vases (normally $1-2 each). Then get an inexpensive bouquet at the grocery store and some food coloring. Fill the bud vases with water and add different colors of food coloring into each vase. Add one or two flowers per vase.

Place them around your house for an instant pick-me up!

Your Daughters Galoshes


Has your toddler outgrown her colorful rain boots? Don’t give them away just yet. Clean them up and fill them with silk (or real) tulips. You can tie a ribbon around the boot or glue on sparkles. Use as a centerpiece on a table or set on your front porch.

Go Vintage
Search your home or favorite thrift store for a vintage watering can. Put a hanger on one side and hang it on your front door. Use foam to put beautiful spring-like flowers in the top.


Umbrella Transformation
A colorful umbrella makes a unique flower container. If you have a cute umbrella that doesn’t work anymore, turn it upside down and leave it closed (handle up). Tie a ribbon around the bottom of the umbrella (what used to be the top). The top will open slightly. Use folds between the spokes to put flowers, sprigs, and ferns. To keep the plants fresh, put them in a water vial.

Moss and Mini-pots

mini pots cacti

Go to your local home improvement store and buy several inexpensive clay mini-pots and moss. Use real or silk spring flowers and put a few in each mini-pot and fill with moss. Find a pretty tray or shallow wood box. Scatter the pots around on the tray and fill the gaps with moss. This makes a beautiful coffee table piece.

Charming and Old-Fashioned
Find a white eyelet table cloth that fits your kitchen table. Use a rustic looking wooden box as a planter. Fill with tulips, lilacs, and daffodils. This works especially well if you own a farm house or older home. If you don’t have a table to use, head to a local thrift or consignment store.

A Candy Tree

Jelly bean tree

Gather bare branches from your yard. Purchase colorful jelly beans and hot glue them to the branches like buds. Arrange the branches in a flower vase. You can make this a small arrangement for a side table or several feet tall and set on the ground.

Paper Eggs
Your local arts & crafts store sells paper mache eggs. Find colorful scraps of paper and decoupage them on to the eggs. Tie with a pretty ribbon and make a display of them.

Easter Egg Centerpiece
Find foam eggs at your local craft store in creamy spring colors. Place them in a wire basket and top with baby’s breath. Set on a cute paper doily for a vintage look.

Seed Packets & A Wreath

seed packet wreath

Buy a dozen seed packets with pretty flower pictures on the front. Purchase a foam wreath and attach the seed packets with straight pins. Tuck in a few silk flowers and ribbons for a finishing touch and hang on a wall or door for a beautiful spring accent.

If you’re looking to sell your home this spring, let us help you get your house into tip-top shape!